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Setanta Eurasia not liable for third-party web content, referred to on this site or submitted to it by reference.


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Setanta Eurasia respects your right to privacy and comply with its obligations in accordance with the internal rules of Setanta Eurasia and European data protection laws. We publish a privacy policy, acting on this website in order to show the principles of personal data provided to us by users visiting the site. If you do not agree with any of the following provisions of the Privacy Policy, you should refrain from using this web site. To view the privacy policy Setanta website Eurasia, click here.


Denial of responsibility


We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the information provided on this website.

If you notice any errors or omissions, please let us know as soon as possible.

In accordance with corporate policy, we will respond to your request and correct errors within 7 working days of receipt of accurate and reliable information. If you wish to report any errors or omissions, please send an email to our address Turn on Javascript!. Channel Setanta Eurasia and its employees or agents are not responsible and do not provide any guarantees, commitments or guarantees as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information provided in the present time on this website, nor does it bear any responsibility for any errors or malfunctioning of a particular kind.

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The provisions of the Corporate Code of Ethics for dealing with complaints


We strive to provide our viewers the highest quality services. We also strive to ensure that their programming grid requirements for broadcasters in a particular country.


We are interested in the audience of our work, and we welcome both positive and negative feedback on all aspects of our services.


Corporate Code of Ethics provides a set of rules by which we handle complaints from our viewers. They regulate the procedure for dealing with complaints, so our viewers can be assured that no complaint will be left without proper attention.


However, it should be noted that in the Corporate Ethics contain rules for processing complaints only certain categories below.


1. With regard to the question of do I complain?


You can send us a complaint if you believe that certain broadcasts included in the package of services provided to you violate one or more of these commitments below.


(I) News


We strive to ensure the objectivity and impartiality of news programs, not expressing their own position.


(Ii) Current events


we strive to ensure that their news programs the following criteria in light of current events:

- Being objective and impartial, they should not constitute a means of expressing our own views; and

- They must honestly describe the subject matter and proportionally reflect the views of all interested parties


If we were not able to ensure the integrity, objectivity and impartiality in the coverage of current events, we commit ourselves to correct this error within a reasonable time in the following programs


(Iii) Software Net


    We strive to build a program grid in such a way that it does not contain any content that can reasonably be considered:


- Harmful or offensive;

- Promotes or provoking illegal actions;

- Undermining or damaging the authority of the State; or

- Unduly infringing on the privacy of certain individuals


2. How can I file a complaint?


You can explain the subject of the complaint, please contact us by email or regular mail. Our staff will contact you to discuss your concerns and try to resolve the situation in accordance with your interests. If we fail to meet your complaint, but it is large enough that any actions regarding your complaint involves the Corporate Code of Ethics, please send us the following information in writing (letter, fax or e-mail)


- Your full name and address

- Category of the complaint; (Please indicate one or more of the categories listed above under the heading "Concerning the question of can I file a complaint?")


- Date, time and channel of the broadcast;

- The name of the program viewed by you, block the news, commercials or other forms of commercial communication, which is the cause of your complaint;

- A detailed description of aspects of the broadcast, which caused your anxiety;


So that we can accept and process your complaint, it should contain the above information and the complaint itself must refer to the program, commercials or other form of commercial communication, it had already aired in the framework of the package of services we provide.


Your personal information that you provide to us will be used only channel Setanta Eurasia. Setanta Eurasia ensures protection of the rights and privacy of persons in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.


If for any reason (for example, because of the limited physical abilities) can not file a complaint in writing, please contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary support in the design of the application.


3. What address should be sent to the complaints?


Please submit a complaint to the following address:


Eurasian Broadcasting Enterprise Limited

8 Dean Street

London W1D 3RL


4. How will my complaint be handled?


After receipt and acceptance of the complaint, we will do our best to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Your complaint will be carefully considered, if necessary, will be carried out an investigation, after which you will receive a written response signed by the head of the television department or other person holding a senior position in it.


5. Consideration of complaints


We keep a record of all complaints filed in accordance with the provisions of the Corporate Code of Ethics for the past two years. We keep a copy of your complaints, their responses, as well as copies of audio-visual broadcast material

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